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Why Leadership Education? Starting from Global Tech and Harvard MBA

■What is “Share Ur Story x Professionals”?
It is one of the core programs at U Share, aimed to provide opportunities to discover about various people and different values. It is where speakers – U Share residents and role models working as professionals – share their journey, giving students new insights and encouraging them to expand their network.

Event Name:Share Ur Story x Professionals
Date:October 10th, 2021
Time: At 11:00am
Topic:Why Leadership Education? Starting from Global Tech and Harvard MBA
Speaker:Meg Takada
Participants: Anyone
Language: English

We hosted Share Ur Story x Professionals on October 10th 2021.

Meg Takada, who worked at Global Tech and now working as a leadership coach, visited to share her story and lessons. Her speech was inspirational to the guests. Her three main points were “Just Do it”, “Take a risk”, and “Find your life-long community”. She encouraged the listeners to not stop what they are doing and keep going forward, and to not hesitate to take a risk. She also reminded the importance of having a life-long community in life. After the session, there was some time for the audience to interact with Meg.

■Speaker’s profile

Meg Takada

Keio University, Class of 2012(BA, Policy Management)
Harvard Business School, Class of 2019(MBA, Fulbright Scholar)
Being an experienced leadership coach, Meg has a passion for supporting students to unlock their potential.

Meg co-founded the Leadership Bootcamp Program for high school students. Since then, she has taught and inspired more than 250 students. Meg also runs the leadership program and gives motivational sessions at schools, universities, and companies across Japan.

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