03_Share your story

Embrace and enjoy life’s detours with long-term goals in mind.

    ■What is “Share Ur Story x Professionals”?
    It is one of the core programs at U Share, aimed to provide opportunities to discover about various people and different values. It is where speakers – U Share residents and role models working as professionals – share their journey, giving students new insights and encouraging them to expand their network.

    Event Name:Share Ur Story x Professionals
    Date:December 19th, 2021
    Time: At 11:00am –
    Topic:Embrace and enjoy life’s detours with long-term goals in mind.
    Speaker:Risa Nakayama
    Participants: Anyone
    Language: English

    ■Speaker’s profile

    Risa Nakayama

    After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, she studied to become a mental health professional using the creative process of art at New York University Graduate School. While working for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to ensure health and social security for vulnerable populations in Kosovo and Chad, she completed her Ph.D. from Global Health Policy Program at the University of Tokyo and joined the World Bank in 2013 as a specialist in health sector. She has also worked as a counselor at medical institutions and an international school in New York and Tokyo. These days, she teaches at a university and writes essays for a web magazine. She lives in Tokyo with her six-year-old daughter and husband.