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Developing parallel career – business professional x pro-athlete

    ■What is “Share Ur Story x Professionals”?
    It is one of the core programs at U Share, aimed to provide opportunities to discover about various people and different values. It is where speakers – U Share residents and role models working as professionals – share their journey, giving students new insights and encouraging them to expand their network.

    Event Name:Share Ur Story x Professionals
    Date:January 30th, 2022
    Time: At 11:00am –
    Topic:Developing parallel career – business professional x pro-athlete
    Speaker:Tatsuro Iwashita
    Participants: Anyone
    Language: Japanese

    ■Speaker’s profile

    Tatsuro Iwashita

    After graduating from Keio university, joined Mitsubishi corporation in 2011.
    My career is PIC of
    -Trading fertilizer raw material (2011-2014)
    -Administering assets of mineral resources mainly copper and iron ore (2015-2017) *based in Chile & Peru
    -Managing new Chemical plant project development (2017-2020)
    -DX business developing focusing on Metal industry (2021~).
    And playing for professional 3×3 basketball (2014~)

    2014: 3x3premier.EXE League Grand Champion
    2017: 3x3premier.EXE League Grand Champion, Selected Japan National 3×3 basketball team
    2019: FIBA 3×3 Seoul Challenger Best 8
    2020: Japan Tour Extreme Grand Champion