03_Share your story

HOW TO BE A GAME CHANGER – How I got to where I am in the creative industry –

    ■What is “Share Ur Story x Professionals”?
    It is one of the core programs at U Share, aimed to provide opportunities to discover about various people and different values. It is where speakers – U Share residents and role models working as professionals – share their journey, giving students new insights and encouraging them to expand their network.

    Event Name:Share Ur Story x Professionals
    Date:September 22th, 2022
    Time: 7:00pm –
    Venue:U Share Nishi Waseda
    Topic:HOW TO BE A GAME CHANGER – How I got to where I am in the creative industry –
    Speaker:Takahiro Miura
    Participants: Resident Only
    Language: Japanese

    ■Speaker’s profile

    Takahiro Miura

    Mr. Miura is a Co-Founder and CEO of The Breakthrough Company GO since 2017, also Director of PR and Creative. Before GO inc. He started his career at HAKUHODO, one of the top advertisement agencies in Japan, since 2007 as a specialist of marketing, PR, and creative. Also assigned TBWA\HAKUHODO’s projects as well. The principle is “Not creating creativities but social phenomenon”. Awarded “Cannes Lions”, “PR award – grand Prix” “ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWORDS – grand Prix, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications award” until today. Published several book titles in Japan and ranked business category’s #1 on Amazon Japan. Gave lectures at University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and National Personnel Authority.