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Overcoming Minority Disadvantage: How I survive academic field in the U.S.

    ■What is “Share Ur Story x Professionals”?
    It is one of the core programs at U Share, aimed to provide opportunities to discover about various people and different values. It is where speakers – U Share residents and role models working as professionals – share their journey, giving students new insights and encouraging them to expand their network.

    Event Name:Share Ur Story x Professionals
    Date:July 15th, 2022
    Time: At 19:00pm –
    Venue:U Share Nishi Waseda
    Topic:Overcoming Minority Disadvantage: How I survive academic field in the U.S.
    Speaker:Dr.Yoko Nishimura
    Participants: Anyone
    Language: English

    ■Speaker’s profile

    Dr.Yoko Nishimura

    BS Loyola University Chicago, 2000
    MA UCLA, 2002
    PhD UCLA, 2008

    Dr. Nishimura was born and raised in Japan, and she worked for a Japanese company before becoming an archaeologist. She began her research career in the Middle East, but, due to the deteriorating security situation in the region, she moved to the United States in1996. She continued her research in the U.S. and received her Ph.D. in anthropological archaeology while giving birth and raising her children. Dr. Nishimura taught at the University of Pennsylvania and other U.S. universities. Her area of specialization includes social disparities of non-elite groups in the Middle East and East Asia from ancient times to the Middle Ages.