For residents

Residents can use all of the following services

  • International & English-based Environment
  • Support for Studying Abroad at Top Schools Overseas
  • Career support
  • Dense Lifelong Community

International & English-based Environment

Daily conversation between residents

The official language of U Share is English. In principle, all communication in the dormitory will be conducted in English. Through events such as movie nights, cooking events, and cocktail nights, we will foster advanced, native-level English communication skills and a global mindset by encouraging multilingual exchanges with promising students from all over the world.

TOEFL100 / TOEIC 900 lesson

U Share mentors provide advice on effective learning methods and teaching materials through coaching that combines e-learning and practical courses. Our goal is for the students to acquire the language qualifications necessary for studying abroad at overseas universities and graduate schools.

Study abroad support service for overseas Top Schools

Feedback on essays, portfolios and testimonials

U Share members who have graduated from top schools will support the writing of essays, portfolios, and letters of recommendation to pass the admissions of global top schools.

Mentoring from graduates of Harvard and MIT
We provide total coaching, such as advice regarding where to study abroad, how to obtain scholarships to minimize financial burden, who to reach out to at different study abroad destinations, and what courses are recommended.

Career support service

Providing opportunities to think about your own career

An event called “Share Ur Story x Professionals” is held regularly. The main purpose is to have the speakers of working adults who can be local models of dormitory students share their own past, and to give students the courage to take a step forward while expanding their perspectives and networks.

Mentoring by working people who are active on the front lines

We can introduce various companies and employment opportunities to those who wish for such opportunities. This is possible because we understand the dreams and individuality of each dormitory student.

A Lifelong Community

U Share is an international community where Japanese students and international students live together. While living in contact with a wide variety of people and values, we provide a life where you can acquire flexible and advanced communication skills required to become a global talent.

The design of spaces encouraging interaction

A lounge that is open 24/7, common areas on each floor, and other amenity spaces. Based on the belief that “space design” plays an extremely important role in people’s learning and networking, a team led by Harvard University Graduate School of Design graduates will provide a space where high-quality interactions occur naturally.

Various events and programs

We hold events and workshops regularly, such as lectures from Ivy League graduates and global career seminars. We have also created an environment where members can plan and host their own events.

Office hours and RAs that promote growth

There is an office hour system where you can receive hands-on counseling and coaching regarding your learning and career building. In addition, at U Share, resident assistants (RA) selected from among the dormitory students will be in charge of consulting and supporting you in your daily life.

Both residents and non-residents

Both residents and non-residents can use all of the following services

  • TOEFL iBT Basics + Essay Beginner Program
  • TOEFL iBT 90 points intensive program
  • Top MBA Study Abroad Coaching Program

TOEFL iBT Basics + Essay Beginner Program

Experienced instructors such as native speakers and graduates of top schools in the United States will coach you to obtain the 70 points required to build the basic strength for TOEFL iBT. In a small class, you will be able to acquire not only English skills for TOEFL, but also tips on the composition and writing style for essays, together with other participants who work hard for the same goal.

Those who have taken the TOEFL test

130,000 yen (excluding tax)

2 months, 8 lesson program (group lesson + private lesson)

TOEFL iBT 90 Points Intensive Program

Intensive group lessons with a small class will be held with the goal of surpassing 90 points, which is a guideline for studying abroad at English-speaking universities and graduate schools. Experts with TOEFL scores over 100-110 points from top schools in the United States will coach you the skills and tips required to break through 90 points with thorough communication.

Those who attained more than 70 points total in the TOEFL test

150,000 yen (excluding tax)

2 months, 8 lesson program (group lesson + private lesson)

Top MBA Study Abroad Coaching Program

We will provide thorough lessons on essays, interview preparation, and various score-making tips with the aim of studying abroad at the top MBA schools. We will customize the exam strategy that matches each person’s career plan and skills in personal lessons, or small group lessons by HBS graduates and current students.

Those who attained more than 70 points total in 4 sections of the TOEFL test

178,000 yen (excluding tax)

2 months, 8 lesson program (group lesson + private lesson)