We are now recruiting the 0th batch, the pioneers of the U Share Nishi Waseda. We are looking for a wide range of students who are unique and are eager to grow, coming from various backgrounds.


Enrolled in or expected to enter undergraduate / graduate school during the stay in U Share Nishi Waseda
*Potential residents are expected to attend the Grand Welcome on September.

Who we are looking for those who:

  • have a strong will to challenge and grow, facing their own life and way of life.
  • have the flexibility to understand and respect diversity and accept new values
  • have a strong passion in contributing to society and are interested in “designing” society in the future
  • sympathize with U Share’s philosophy and are willing to participate in management programs and events proactively

Number of positions

About 15 residents

Screening schedule

1st Screening Window (Application now closed)
・Document screening : June 21st, 2021 – July 5th, 2021
・Screening results : July 8th, 2021
・Interview : July 9th, 2021 – July 16th, 2021
・Interview results : July 19th, 2021
・Move-in : August 10th, 2021 –

2nd Screening Window (Application now closed)
・Document screening : July 5th, 2021 – July 19th, 2021
・Screening results : July 22nd, 2021
・Interview : July 23rd, 2021 – July 30th, 2021
・Interview results : August 2nd, 2021
・Move-in : August 16th, 2021 –

3rd Screening Window(Application now closed)
・Document screening : July 19th, 2021 – August 2nd, 2021
・Screening results : August 5th, 2021
・Interview : August 6th, 2021 – August 13th, 2021
・Interview results : August 16th, 2021
・Move-in : August 24th, 2021 –

Additional Screening Window(Rolling Admission)
・Document screening : August 3rd, 2021 –
・Screening results : Within three business days after receiving the application
・Interview : Within a week after receiving the application
・Interview results : Within three business days after the interview
・Move-in : Negotiable

Application process

The members who will move in will be decided through document screening and interviews.

Document screening

Submission of the basic information through the following form. Enter basic information and write short essay questions:

  • Why do you want to be a U Share community member?
  • What passion do you wish to share with other residents? (300-500 words in total)
Announcement of results

About a week after document screening


1 on 1 interview by the U Share Residence Office

Announcement of results

About a week after the interview

Grand Welcome

Participation in the Grand Welcome event (A full day planned for September 26th) is mandatory for new residents.

About a week after the interview

Scheduled for August 2021

We are looking forward to your application.


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