Living together, growing together.

U Share works to build a society where diverse people thrive by nurturing talents, developing global perspectives, respecting diversity, and working on solving social problems. We aim to accomplish this by designing an environment where diverse residents with different values come together to “share” dreams and initiatives.

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Application open for the U Share Year 2023/2025 residents. (Residency period from 2023 March to 2025 March.) We are looking for a wide range of students who are unique and eager to grow, coming from various backgrounds.


Enrolled in or expected to enter undergraduate / graduate school during the stay in U Share Nishi Waseda.

We are looking for those who:

  • have a strong will to challenge and grow, facing their own life and way of life.
  • have the flexibility to understand and respect diversity and accept new values
  • have a strong passion in contributing to society and are interested in “designing” society in the future
  • sympathize with U Share’s philosophy and are willing to participate in management programs and events proactively

Number of Available Rooms

About 4 

Admission Schedule

Rolling Admission
We are accepting a few more applications through rolling admission. Apply now!
We go through applications in order of arrival and the result will be announced in 24 hours at the earliest.

Application Process

(1) Application → (2) Interview → (3) Move-in

(1) Application
If you are interested, please start your application! Interview reservation form will be sent to you upon receiving your application.
(2) Online Interview
Online Interview by the U Share Residence Office
  • Why do you want to be a U Share community member?
  • What passion do you wish to share with other residents? 
(3) Move-in

From March 2023

Start your application!

We are looking forward to your application !