U Share Nishi Waseda establishes rent subsidy and scholarship program for the 0th batch who are joining in Fall 2021

Press Release

U Share Nishi Waseda provides rent subsidy and scholarship program for the 0th batch

KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masamichi Ueta) provides a Rent Subsidy and Scholarship program for the 0th batch who are joining in Fall 2021.
U Share’s mission is to contribute in nurturing global talents who have a global perspective, respect diversity, and work on solving social problems. We will accomplish this by designing an environment where students can come into contact with diverse people and values, and have the opportunity to “share” their dreams and initiatives on a daily basis.
We will provide the rent subsidy and scholarship program to those who sympathize with our mission and wish to contribute to the creation of our community, and an educational space that integrates “living” and “learning”, which are still few in Japan.
Details of rent subsidy and scholarship program
This program is intended to subsidize 15,000 yen per month as a scholarship for those who move in as 0th batch members, and reduce the basic rent of 78,000 yen to 63,000 yen. As a result, the monthly cost of rent, utilities, internet, cleaning, and shared service costs will be reduced from 114,000 yen to 99,000 yen, with the purpose of allowing tenants to concentrate their resources on their pursuit of knowledge and community building.
Those who join U Share Nishi Waseda in Fall 2021(undergraduate students, graduate students)
August 2021 to September 2022 (1 year)
【Scholarship coverage】
Monthly scholarship benefit of 15,000 yen
It also applies to those who have passed the screening so far and have decided to move in.
We will conduct an interview to examine the qualities that can contribute to building the community and creating a comfortable environment.
We expect the residents to participate in social events once a month.
The extension of the scholarship period will be considered after individual interviews.
* The facility will be equipped with furniture and home appliances.
Regarding the application to U Share Nishi Waseda as the 0th batch in Fall 2021
We are now accepting applications from those who wish to join U Share Nishi Waseda in Fall 2021(around 15 residents). We will be selecting the residents from unique talents from around the world. Details will be written in the page below.