Resident Assistant (RA) Recruitment

U Share

We are now recruiting Resident Assistant(RA)s, student leaders who support residents and facilitate communication.
What is an RA?
RAs are student leaders who support residents and facilitate communication. By working with the URO (U Share Resident Office), they enable students to make the most of their student life.
Number of people
• Two candidates
You are
• Respectful of diversity
• A team-player
• Understand people on a deep level
• Are independent and capable
As an RA, you will
• Plan & facilitate events
• Help residents get settled
• Attend & host Coffee Chats, RA Chats, and Open Houses
• Work closely with the URO
• Support residents
• Maintain shared spaces
• Run community social media
• Facilitate and support Education & career program
*There will be a guidance from the URO and the current RA about the work required from an RA, and other details.
• More than 1 year but less than 2 years starting August 2021
• Document screening and interviews by URO & current RAs
The announcement of our screening results will be shared to the applicants by the beginning of August.
Submit the form below by July 7th to apply.
• It is ideal that you have experience working as an RA at other dorms, yet we accept students with no experience. We welcome people who have passion and interest toward dorm operation, community building.
• English fluency and basic Japanese required
• We may consider financial aid to the RAs.
We look forward to receiving your application.