Masamichi Ueta

U Share Founder / KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Masamichi is a licensed architect (first grade) / developer with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Waseda University and a Master of Architecture degree from Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory in Waseda University Graduate School.
After graduating from Waseda University graduate school, he won the Azusa Ono Memorial Award. He was involved in the startup stage of the Nendo design office. He engaged in the CRE, PFI, large-scale development inside and outside of Japan at Kashima Corporation Design Headquarters, urban planning group.
As a Fulbright scholar, he received a Master of Real Estate Design degree from Harvard Uniersity Graduate School of Design.
After study abroad, he was involved in the real estate private equity business at Morgan Stanley Capital KK. and Angelo Goldon. From the experience of Lehman collapse, by making use of the architectural development method which integrating “long-term and socially conscious real estate investment” and “added value through design”, he aimes to create the sustainable place where people can act lively through real estate development at urban or rural area.
He engaged not only in the activities in the business world but also in the non-profit activities.
He also gives lectures about real estate design at Keio University SFC campus and Waseda Univeristy.

Received various awards; the Azusa Ono Memorial Award, SD review award, Good Design Award, Reconstruction Special Award.
His hobby is cooking. He can make Edomae-Sushi.

Takafumi Inoue

U Share Founder / KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc.
Chief Operating Officer

Takafumi is a licensed urban planner based in Japan where his research and professional experience in urban planning, finance, and policy making brings a social and economic perspective to the design of the spatial and built environment across multiple scales.
His current work focuses on creating a diverse and inclusive environment through spatial and real estate developments, which also properly reflect the existing local identities and cultures to maximize the uniqueness that each place has.
He has professional experience in mergers & acquisitions and the equity offering business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. After having engaged in developer’s finance projects, as a World Bank scholarship fellow, he returned to Harvard to study the issues in the urban arena. Upon graduating from Harvard, he worked for Sasaki as an urban planner. Some of his past project work includes international development, campus planning in the U.S., district planning, and community engagement. He holds a Master of Urban Planning from Harvard Graduate School of Design with a concentration in urban design and real estate development, and a B.A. in Policy Management from Keio University – Tokyo, Japan, where he graduated as a valedictorian (top student). During his time at college, he spent a year at The University of Edinburgh as an exchange student.
Fluent in Japanese, English, and French.

Belongs to the American Planning Association.
Hobbies include walking around town, watching Rugby, and playing the piano.

Taito Ohe

U Share Founder / KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc.
Chief Strategy Officer

Taito is a business leader with a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School and first-class licensed architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tokyo. At Takenaka Corporation, one of the largest general contractors in Japan, he completed a number of architecture projects which ranged from condominiums, offices and dormitories. After joining Plantec Group, an architecture design and construction firm, he managed projects with premier global clients such as Apple. With a passion to strengthen a rejuvenating impact architecture brings to urban built environment, he learned management and entrepreneurship in an MBA program at Harvard Business School. At U Share, he now strives to run an educational program inspired by what he learned at Harvard.

Hiromasa Furufu

U Share Founder / KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc.

Hiromasa Furufu started the student venture when he was in Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduation, he started his own business called “Oisix”, which sells safe, secure, and delicious foods such as organic vegetables. “Enrich the dining tables in Japan through foods and change society for the better”. Under this mission, he was in charge of the value creation of the projects, such as product development and system development. He drove the business growth of Oisix and it went public on the stock exchange in 2013. After that, while he was in MIT Sloan Fellows MBA, he met Inoue and Ueta, who went to Harvard University at that time, and he started the KUROFUNE Design Holdings Inc. with them. Also, he is drafting a plan for space business by making use of the networks in MIT.

Bing Wang

Advisor / Design & Investment Management Harvard University Professor

Area head of the Real Estate and the Built Environment at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. While teaching real estate investment theory and new real estate design, she has practiced real estate investment and design in China and the United States. Has a strong network in the US academic world. Born in Shanghai, lives in the United States Harvard Graduate School of Design Ph.D.