What is U Share?

Living together, growing together.

U Share contributes to building a society where diverse people thrive, through nurturing global talents who have a global perspective, respect diversity, and work on solving social problems. We will accomplish this by designing an environment where residents can come into contact with diverse people and values, and have the opportunity to “share” their dreams and initiatives on a daily basis.

“Create an environment where diverse people can speak out, with a sense of security. Create a society where diverse people thrive.”

International dormitory “U Share”

Living together, learning together, and growing together.

We have created an optimal living and educational space, effectively integrating “living” and “learning”. This core mission drove our planning, design, real estate/investment planning, and daily operation. Through designing an environment where residents come into contact with diverse people and values, and have the opportunity to “share” their dreams and initiatives on a daily basis, we are able to nurture global leaders who challenge social issues. By operating various programs and events, we are able to have a significant impact not only on residents, but on the wider community as well.


Nishi Waseda

  • For Students
  • Shinjuku-ku Nishi Waseda
  • April. 2021 open

Young Professional/Family

Minami Aoyama

  • For Young Professional and Family
  • Minato-ku Minami Aoyama
  • Oct. 2020 open


Takada 1

  • For Student
  • Toshima-ku Takada
  • To be announced…

Details coming soon…

Design for Growth

U Share goes beyond mere space design and is thoroughly committed to designing the growth and experience of the residents. Specifically, we aim to design architecture and space that promotes interaction and growth of residents through the optimal mix of private and shared areas.
In addition, we aim to build a consistent brand and maximize the resident’s living experience by conducting planning, design, real estate planning, investment planning, and operation all at once, by ourselves.

English-based Living Learning Environment

In principle, U Share’s common language will be in English. We will create a multilingual living environment based on English, in order to encourage residents to become global talents who have overcome linguistic barriers and is capable of sharing their dreams and efforts in English.
Through events such as Movie Night, Cooking Event, and Cocktail Night, diverse students from all over the world interact with each other on a daily basis to foster advanced communication skills, language skills, a global perspective, and an understanding and respect toward diversity.

Education & Career Development Support

U Share will provide world-class education and career support services to support the success of residents in the world stage. We aim to creating an environment that fosters global talents, through educational programs full of intellectual stimulation, such as lectures from people who are active on the world stage, study abroad sessions, workshops with entrepreneurs, etc.

In the planning, designing and the operation of U Share, the experience that the founder of KUROFUNE Design Holdings has gone through as a “resident” in the United Kingdom and the United States, and the knowledge they gained through engaging in planning, design, and development, is utilized. 

Through “sharing” space and time, we understand each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and grow together. We aim to create a place where such positive cycle of “share” occurs, on a daily basis.


Individual consultation

We hold individual consultations on Zoom for those who wish to move in. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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