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U Share Nishi Waseda

Mar. 2021 OPEN

In March 2021, “U Share Nishi-Waseda” will open at Nishi Waseda. The concept of “sharing” here is not just about sharing a place of living, but a place where people could share their experiences, activities and dreams – creating communities and discovering a new element in the city. At “U Share Nishi-Waseda”, we are currently inviting those who share our belief to become our first members (limited to 30 members). Come make your valuable university life more worthwhile with us!

Available Rooms

We are looking for students who are interested in living in U Share Nishi Waseda from March 2021. Please drop by our coffee chat if you are interested.

Nishi Waseda 201


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Nishi Waseda 202


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Nishi Waseda 203


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Sophisticated design and functionality

U Share provides an environment where private and public are in harmony, living with the best housemates and growing together, while acknowledging individuality and diversity. If you take a step out of your private room, you will be surprised that there are various common spaces. There’s a kitchen studio where you can take sushi lessons in English, a rooftop bar, an event space for PechaKucha nights, a library that is open 24/7, and a tea room. Make full use of the abundant, lively facilities unique to U Share, which is based on the philosophy of the dormitory system “Residential Education” recommended by Harvard University and other top schools in the world.

Location right by the campus

All student-type U Shares will be located within a few minutes’ walk of the university campus. There are many convenient facilities in the neighborhood for daily life, such as convenience stores, supermarkets and gyms. It is a Residential Education Hub where not only residents but also inspiring global talents who are active on the world stage gather.


Residents can use all of the following services.

  • International & all-English environment
  • Study abroad support service for global top schools
  • Career support service
  • Lifelong community

International & all-English environment

Daily conversation between residents

The official language of U Share is English. In principle, all communication in the dormitory will be conducted in English. Through events such as movie nights, cooking events, and cocktail nights, we will foster advanced, native-level English communication skills and a global mindset by encouraging multilingual exchanges with promising students from all over the world.

Business English lessons and coaching

Japanese-English bilingual mentors who have experience working at foreign companies, overseas, and studying abroad at top overseas schools will support you in creating resumes for applying to companies, interview preparation, basic conversation, business email, and telephone lessons after joining the company. We provide a wide range of guidance.

Lessons for surpassing TOEFL 100 / TOEIC 900

U Share mentors with TOEFL over 100 points and TOEIC over 900 points give you advice on effective learning methods and materials, and coaching that combines e-learning and practical courses to acquire the language qualifications necessary for studying abroad at overseas universities and graduate schools (MBA, design school, public policy, etc.)

Study abroad support service for global top schools

Feedback on essays, portfolios and testimonials

U Share members who have graduated from top schools will support the writing of essays, portfolios, and letters of recommendation to pass the admissions of global top schools.

Preparations for interviews and tests such as GRE / GMAT

We have developed a unique score-up method in partnership with domestic and overseas schools. In addition, we will do our best to support the passing of top schools by preparing for interviews in English by bilingual staff and top school graduates.

Mentoring from top school graduates such as Harvard and MIT

We provide total coaching, from the selection of study abroad destinations to advice on obtaining scholarships to minimize the financial burden, networking at study abroad destinations, and course registration.

Career support service

U Share’s career staff will introduce each resident to fields and companies that allows the resident to play an active role on the world stage. At U Share, career staff with networks of global companies in Japan and overseas will support residents to develop their careers through “career consultation”, “career seminars”, and “matching with business people who are active on the world stage” and “intern introduction”.

Consulting / IB / Tech / Trading company employment / IS support

U Share’s career staff will introduce each resident to fields and companies that allows the resident to play an active role on the world stage. U Share always holds the newest intern information from networks with various global companies. It is possible to introduce the internship destination in a timely and accurate manner because we understand the dreams and individuality of each resident.

Entrepreneurship support, financing support

U Share staff with abundant experience in entrepreneurship, IPO experience and start-up consulting, will provide various support for business hypothesis construction, company establishment, financing and entrepreneurship.

Mentoring for entrepreneurs and business leaders

“I want to talk about my career path.” “I want to work overseas.” “I want to get a job at a foreign-affiliated company.” The career support team consisting of diverse backgrounds such as working in a Japanese / foreign-affiliated companies, overseas local companies, entrepreneurs, and parallel career personnel understand the dreams and individuality of each resident and help realize their dreams. We will do our utmost to support the career development of residents, from introducing companies to giving advice on skills and qualifications that should be acquired.

A Lifelong Community

U Share is an international community where Japanese students and international students live together. While living in contact with a wide variety of people and values, we provide a life where you can acquire flexible and advanced communication skills required to become a global talent.

The design of spaces encouraging interaction

A member-only library that is open 24/7, common areas on each floor, and other amenity spaces. Based on the belief that “area design” plays an extremely important role in people’s learning and building relationships, a team led by Harvard University Graduate School of Design graduates will provide a space where high-quality exchanges occur naturally.

Various events and programs

We hold events and workshops regularly, such as lectures from Ivy League graduates and global career seminars. We have also created an environment where members can plan and host their own events.

Growth trainer and RA to drive growth

U Share has a Growth Trainer who provides hands-on counseling and coaching on your learning, career building, etc. By consulting with the GT, we will provide an environment where you can accelerate your own growth. In addition, at U Share, a residence assistant(RA) selected from you will be in charge of consultation and support in your daily life.

Application Process

Document screening → Interview → Pass → Move in

U Share is a selective international student dormitory. Only those who have passed the screening of documents such as essays and interviews with U Share staff and residents can move in.


Individual consultation

We hold individual consultations on Zoom for those who wish to move in. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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