04_Career Development

Building Careers in Global Firms – July 30th 2021

    ■Event Overview
    Event Name: Building Careers in Global Firms
    Date: July 30th, 2021
    Time: At 7:00pm
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Taichi, Rio, Yosuke, Akiko
    Participants: Anyone
    Language: English

    Three professionals working for a foreign-affiliated company and a fourth-year university student who plans to work from next year talked about career building. Each speaker told their story first, and a free talk session was hosted after, where participants asked questions.Various questions were answered, such as how to choose a career, tips on job hunting, and how to communicate well with their boss.

    ■Speaker’s profile

    Akiko Takai
    Goldman Sachs Inc.
    Taichi Murase
    US tech company
    Riona Kunimoto
    Waseda University, Political Science and Economics / Student
    Yosuke Tomizu
    Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies / Student