Living together, Growing together

Living together, growing together

U Share is a co-living service that provides international living environments where you can improve yourself while interacting with residents whose characters and talents vary from yours. We design a new type of community with a harmony of private and public.


U Share is located in Nishi Waseda near Waseda University, and in Minami Aoyama where various cultures intersect. We are planning to expand to other areas in Tokyo and beyond.

What is U Share?

Living together, growing together. U Share contributes to building a society where diverse people thrive, through nurturing global talents who have a global perspective, respect diversity, and work on solving social problems. We will accomplish this by designing an environment where residents can come into contact with diverse people and values, and have the opportunity to “share” their dreams and initiatives on a daily basis.


The planning, design and operation of this facility is inspired by the founders of KUROFUNE Design Holdings and their own experience of residential education as a \”resident\” in UK and the US, and also by the knowledge gained from the planning, design and development of university campuses and student dormitories as a \”maker\”.


U Share offers a variety of services to develop a true global talent. In addition to providing a multilingual living environment based on English, and events and programs full of intellectual stimulation, we will assist the challenges in your life through supporting study abroad and career development..etc.


U Share aims to create an environment where residents can encounter diverse people and values ​​on a daily basis. We have a community where you can meet lifelong friends, acquire knowledge and opportunities for self-fulfillment, prepare for study abroad, and develop an international career while living together.




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